Chaney Root

Chaney Root

Racine De Chaney Jamaïcain

Ready to connect to Jamaican roots? Get your hands on our roots chaney from Jamaica! Good things come in small packages, like root chaney benefits. Need a relaxing drink of Jamaican roots in the day? Or night? Here’s roots chaney native to Jamaica.

1 oz / (28 grams) $4.99
2 oz / (56 grams) $8.99
4 oz / (113 grams) $18.99


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Root Chaney Tea

Without side effects of root chaney, relish in the benefits of Jamaican root chaney. Some benefits of Jamaican root chaney include tons of digestive benefits and improved cardiovascular and respiratory health and overall body function. We manufacture our root chaney tea to offer maximum root chaney health benefits without the side effects of root chaney.

Want to leverage root chaney health benefits? Well, look no further because our Jamaican roots chaney has all the benefits.

Hurry up and order your Jamaican roots chaney for benefits that leave you awe-struck!

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 30.7 × 30.7 × 30.7 cm

1 oz / 28 gram, 2 oz / 56 gram, 4 oz / 113 gram


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